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Examiner hack starts blog

SUBHANKAR KUNDU, one of the leading lights of the IT Examiner in India, has started his own blog, “Explore Subhankar”. Subhankar is a reporter based in Bangalore, and together with Jayant Mishra, an Examiner freelance based in Mumbai, excelled themselves by working through the night to bring readers the latest news of the outrages.

Which are still continuing, unfortunately, as the RSS feed on the right demonstrates.

Intel’s Pat Gelsinger kicks in this video

AIDED AND ABETTED by Mad Mike Magee,  we managed to get Intel’s Pat Gelsinger to kick. In this little videoette, below. At the very end of the video, you can hear yours truly exhorting Pat to  kick, kick. Sorry we’re not a cameraman, this is as good as it will ever get, it’s raw. 

Zeppelin spotted on 43rd Wave, San Francisco

CURIOUS THINGS were in the air in San Francisco on Sunday.  A large Zeppelin cruised over the houses on the way down to the ocean. 


Stranger things were to follow. Just close to Golden Gate Park,  we spotted some mysterious Dakini writing inside a glass of beer. What can this all mean? [Too many beers? Ed.]  ♣ 


Pampered pooches nothing to do with AMD

ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES (AMD) used to rabbit on about the K9 chip, a follow-on to the K8 chip, but does so no more. Heck, we remember Jerry Sanders III telling us in 1991 that by the millennium the K9 would integrate just about anything.

The K9 chip has nothing on, however, we think you’ll agree. Only in downtown Brasilia, where we’ve even seen people with toilet paper wiping the bums of their cute little doggies.


I’m off to see the Golden Dawn

HERE in downtown Singapore, the traffic is quite intense. Sorry about the sound quality, I’m only using a cheap snapping thing. ♦

Downtown in Iceland’s capital

SORRY, the sound was drowned out by the buzz of the plaice.

Pariah don’t carey in Ole San Fran

MANY OF the literate readers of this bogette will have heard of Typhoid Mary. Here, in San Francisco, they are so worried infections might spread that the city has turned that fear into a cult, seems to me.

As this picture testifies. Infect me not is a strange piece of syntax, but virii don’t listen to humans’ virtuous tones, nor to the imperative tense, so we suspect if there is a huge influenza pandemic, there will be little to do except grit your teeth and deck a bottle or three of the finest Indian single malt.


Would you like this man to fiddle with your drains?

IT’S A SIMPLE question. The phone number is there. The beer next to that advert is called Tecate, rhymes with Hecate. So yes or no. No maybes.


God bless the Manzanita, the Madrone and the trolley bus

I FIND MYSELF in Ole San Francisco, where you find plants such as the Madrone, and the lovely little Manzanita.

You also find exotic little items such as trolley buses and trams, which were common in Old Blighty until the mid 1960s but are now rarer than hen’s teeth. The pic on the header is nothing to do with San Francisco, it is of Bhairava, from a statue in the British Museum. Ancient treasures are everywhere.

Trolley bus corner Presidio Ave, California

Trolley bus corner Presidio Ave, California

Semiconductor guys like their beer

I’VE BEEN SENT to a page called “Chips and Beer”, which is here.  The basic premise seems to be that readers and journalists that work on  Electronics Weekly, a magazine, like to be able to know which are the best bars to go to all over the world.

There’s a yawning gap in the Google Map with India looking like there’s no favourite pubs at all. This, of course, is rubbish, sheer bakvas. The world+dog he know that Bangalore is the “pub capital of India”.

If only that were true.