AC wars start in Bangalore

AS AN OUTSIDE consultant, and I’ve been to India quite a few times, office politics never cease to surprise me here in Old Bengaluru.

It is late October, and the kids are bickering about whether the AC is on or off. One kiddie in the office tells me she cannot work under these conditions, and another kiddie tells me he is too hot.

The AC wars start. Some are too hot, some are too cold. Us foreigners suggest a compromise. The trouble is, the kids come from all different parts of India, so what’s hot here is cold there.  Rarely does a compromise even begin to enter the chit-chat.

The guy who has insisted he needs AC, suddenly starts to freeze, while the gal begins to bathe in the glow of non-AC.

Ah, the wonder that is India!

3 responses to “AC wars start in Bangalore

  1. thomasxstewart

    Are these same people whom you wandered off with, when tribe of circus monkeys’ captured entire crew & Made You Applaud their tricks.? -yes,yes?
    its best to run a/c full to dehumidify room & add space heater for coolness. Drasher Advisement Council!

  2. Humidity may affect a many/mini, hormones also play their part.

    Mike, I’ve often wondered about free Internet journals. Are students involved? Whatever you can tell me may be more than I knew before. I still frequent the Inq, and I miss you an AT (regards). Thank you for the posts.

  3. Ya, Karly- Hormones that Night where Fantastic. Let Me Know Name of Kid. Come by Inq & show prize off. Remember One Socket fits ALL!

    Sincerely, Mike Drashek

    Hahahaha owwwwwwwwww

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