Natwest bank won’t cover me in India

LAST TIME I was in Ole Bengaluru, I went to one of the many ATMs (cash points) in the city – cos Bangalore is a very modern city you know, and it refused my debit card, despite the “international” logos on it.

I found a number, I believe it is a call centre in Scotland, 0131-339-7609, and using Skype Out, which is very cheap everywhere in the world, complained bitterly. To no avail.

So at the end of this week I go out to Bangalore again, and as a matter of courtesy called the Natwest to tell them to liberate my debit card.  Oh no, said the lassie, “there is a lot of fraud abroad, we cannae let you use your debit card outside this country.”

Oh. And I thought cash was international.  I will not tell you much more than I’ve already told you in this posting, but I am considering decking my 35 year old Natwest current and savings account. Because all they tried to do was ask me if I’d consider saving more money with them.

Of course, using a credit card, you can get money out of an ATM anywhere in the world, but at a premium.

Bhar me jaiye, National Westminster Bank, if you don’t mind me saying so. And we’re supposed to love banks? Perhaps, like George Soros, I should speculate in currencies.  And do a run on your bank for Indian rupees.  ♥

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