My Tabbysinian cat has diabetes

IT’S INTERESTING that other mammals are prone to the same diseases humans are. Every mammal with a heart is subject to a coronary, whether or not it eats deep roasted Mars Bars or not. Or smokes. Cats don’t smoke.

One of our two Abyssinians has diabetes. She started to shrink in size earlier on this year and although she didn’t show any particular signs of unwellness, her fur definitely started to stare, so it was off to the vet with  her to loud shriekings.

 Blood tests showed she was diabetic, so she wa sput on one milliletre of insulin a day. The nice vet explined that unlike humanoids, if you got the blood sugar level down, these here cats might stop needing insulin.

There is a god then. Because the little bottle of insulin is very, very expensive and one bottle would last a little thing like her about three months. But because it is a protein, it degrades. Or so the drug companies tell the vets. We thought there was a GM diabetes thingie. In India, where I am half the time, there are very few cats – “billi”. I’m told that’s because cats are thankless creatures, unlike dogs. I wil keep you informed on this insulin stuff.

I can tell you the treatment is working and the cat is just as irritating as it was before it got sick. I have suggested it goes out to work. But do you know what is says when I suggest this? It goes for me eyes. Thankless creature!  ξ

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  1. thomasxstewart

    Diabetes is caused by Pancreaus becoming clogged by residual microbes that can endure harsh enviorment in pancreas. Unfortunately, there is NO real solution, ask Msr. Jobs. For sake of your own health, it is best to put Animal down or your kidneys might fail from cystine parasites.

    Strange about former pets, they are human in sense of being part of family. Thoughts of them endure for decades after their small bodies just gave out.


  2. I hear that high levels of alcohol can keep the parasites away. Okay, I’m just making that up. Cats are thankless perhaps but like women they are so cute that one can just ignore it. Hope the cat does well!

  3. My old moggy died of cats aids, according to the vet. He was Nueterd at 1. Must have learnt some new techiques in his 15 year life? Didnt tell me anything!

  4. Have you considered giving her a bath? That seems to cure most things with cats ;)

  5. I have an abby-tabby, too (her name’s “Abby”, I’m not very original). Awesome cats, they are! I, too, once had a diabetic cat, and had to give him shots every day. It ended up getting the best of him. Hope your story has a happier ending, Mad Mike!

  6. Oh, I dunno, mate… the thought of her behind the wheel makes me squeamish! Have you tried on lipstick? I heard it’s used on pitbulls, pigs and…
    oh. I’m gone hurl!

  7. on and on

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