Twilight of the airlines shows in Old Harrow

IT’S BEEN A VERY fine day today here in Harrow, Middlesex, Londonland. Sort of like an Indian Summer, with clear blue skies and the sun is warm too, when it reaches your skin. Go out of the sun for a second, and you feel the cold that’s a coming.

At twilight, we saw a fantastic pink scene unfold before our eyes – it’s like a criss-criss quiz. We managed to capture the new clouds in the sky before they totally disappeared, as the sun set.

Yes – this is the shape of things to come. A perfectly blue sky with criss cross things going in all sorts of directions. We guess they must be jet clouds. The telegraph pole in the foreground delivers – courtesy of British Telecom –  DSL to our little wedge of Harrow.

Where are all these planes going? And why does DSL “enhancement”  happen when it rains? And if sparrows perch on the line, why the degradation? We’ve asked British Telecom all these questions, but answer we’ve had none, to any of them.   

3 responses to “Twilight of the airlines shows in Old Harrow

  1. Teh leave lines augur well for a ubiquity of sparrows.
    Would you believe it?
    A host of sparrows
    A quarrel of sparrows
    All small, hardy, buffy-broon and gray bird, Passer domesticus, of Europe
    BT to pull a finch, what readings would you expect for cloud computing? If you have Sparrow and it gets a Bit Torrent, you may be subject to acts of parliament. Are you now or ever been Pirates of the Carribean? Quick, drop the connection…

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