Daily Archives: September 21, 2008

Lehman Brothers fat cats to pick up $2.5 billion bonus

BARCLAYS CAPITAL, which picked up Lehman Brothers’ US staff last week, will include a $2.5 billion pot of gold which will be shared out to folk involved in the crash of the investment bank.

According to the Sunday Times, three big bonuses will be shelled out to ex-Lehman staff Michael Gelband, Erif Felder and Hyung Soon Lee. But others at Lehman will also pick up bonuses, although lesser mortals can expect to be made redundant.

Administrator Price Waterhouse Coopers is trying to claw back £4.4 billion from the US operation to help pay off people in the UK. 

Mechanical digger cursed by coconut tree

WE SAID NO good would come of builders chopping down the lovely coconut tree that was next to the Examiner’s offices in Ole Bengaluru.

And it came to pass last Friday, according to reliable reporters from the 100 Feet Road. It is a well known fact that chopping down coconut palms in South India invokes a curse, and the builders are obviously double cursed because they decked a little Tulsi shrine too.

This all conspired to create a SNAFU on Friday when a bright and shiny mechanical digger got bogged down in the mud. This building project will be most interesting to watch as the weeks tick by.