Pack of dogs pursued me in BIAL dash

LAST TIME I rode in a Meru cab from Ole Bengaluru to BIAL airport, I had an uncanny experience. Caught short in the middle of the ride, I asked driverji to stop at the side of the road so I could make a call of nature.

Driverji obligingly let me off at the side of a road, outside a village, where I made my oblations and went back to the car. Just as I was getting in, five or six stray dogs started running towards me, barking furiously. I closed the door, and as the car drew off, the dogs banged into the side of the door. And kept banging.

There’s also a large pack of dogs which runs up and down the concourse at BIAL, in search of goodness knows what, and much to the bemusement of recently arrived international travellers. And the Louis Vuitton sculpture at BIAL has totally disappeared.  What gives with that?

3 responses to “Pack of dogs pursued me in BIAL dash

  1. Well is not answering a call of nature on the road bad civic sense,so my friend stop bitching about the dogs at BIAL and improve your civic sense.

    Maybe the dogs are telling you just that and you are not able to understabd their language.

  2. Yes, I sort of agree. But it is better sense to have a wee outside in the wastelands rather than in the Meru cab. And it was pitch dark.

  3. keep your booking options open instead of keeping it only two days in advance so that you can build up customer base and demand for future


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