Examiner gets closer to apotheosis

WE CHANGED the content management system = back engine at www.itexaminer.com a few days ago, and it’s fair to say we’re not quite there yet, but almost there. The front end has also changed.

It’s looking very attractive, but the navigation is not straightforward yet – we’re steering our way between those two whirlpools in the Med again, not that we’re Jason and the Argonauts – far from it.

We reckon by the time the weekend is over, we may well have steered our way using our defective rudder towards a land where we have to pull dragons’ teeth. We will then be able to award ourselves a dental certificate – by appointment to dragons.

Meanwhile the “About Us” page has arisen out of the blue on the Examiner’s page. All details are there. Well, some of all the details are there, anyroadmap. θ

4 responses to “Examiner gets closer to apotheosis

  1. thomasxstewart

    Heres article by X or Shanti, in Your NEW IT.Examiner & leave copy here as I believe this time AMD will TOP at $15-$20 in 24 months or so. if you bought few weeks ago, you’d make 5X your Monies invested. Better than Computers will muster internally.Chip firm AMD’s share price currently stands at $6.18, up during the day, and there’s plenty of reasons for that.

    Firstly, it is going to pip Intel at the post – and Nvidia for that matter – with a combined CPU, GPU out in Q4. It’s sampling those thingies very soon.
    Secondly, we hear that Shanghai is very very good indeed.

    Thirdly it’s getting rid of units that don’t matter and Dirk Meyer, the charismatic CEO, is beginning to get back into DEC Alpha mode.

    Fourthly. Oh, there is no fourthly – three are good enough, unless they are triple cores, of course. Eva Glass tells me the share price has further to go, but that’s probably because she’s jealous of Cher Price. X

    I like New format as More Articles are listed? Yet Babylon Software Package (Commentos)Was Always My Favorite.

  2. Mike, seems like your new back engine is Microsoft powered. Have you thought what will you do when your site’s needs overgrown the resources of the server you are running it on now?

    Hardware scale-up?
    Distributed operations (Server 1 in India, Server 2 in UK, Server 3 in States, Server 4 in Japan)?

  3. distie options is probably the answer – we had the same idea at the INQster too – dunno if Incisive Media ever did that. There’s some robust stuff in India

  4. The InQ uses the Hippo, open source CMS.
    You’ve mentioned they invested a lot of money to adopt it. They must have hired some expensive webmasters and web developers. :)

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