I’ve been round the world in 30 days

IT’S A BIT like a John Lennon song, but at the end of July I flew out to Old Bengaluru, ended up in Ole San Francisco via Singapore and Seoul in Korea then completed the trip by frying from San Francisco to Old London Town.

I really am an old idiot, because the three continent journey sounds glamorous but it was far from being a barrel of laughs.

On my way to Bengaluru’s new airport, I asked the Meru cab driver to stop while I had a wee. He drew in to a quiet village and I made water, and got back to the cab. As the fine driver slowly accelerated, a pack of dogs threw themselves against the side of the Meru cab, hitting their heads as if to say: “Don’t have a wee in our neighbourhood”.

Thirty minutes later, I was in the new Ole Bengaluru airport, where packs of dogs run across the concourse, past the now famous Louis Vuitton sculpture of, er, a bag. Checked into Singapore Airlines and rapidly got put through to the Kingfisher Sports Bar, where I was allowed one beer and a packet of crisps.

Got onto the flight from Bangalore to Singapore, a mere four hours hop, just to find the Singapore terminal was a shopping mall. Found my fright from Singapore to San Francisco, a mere few hours to the kimchi capital of the world, Seoul. Good news! Free wi-fi in Korea.

Got shoved onto the fright to San Francisco, a mere many hours, lobbed in, and the immigration officer said: “Sir, why are you here?” To which I responded to attend the Intel Developer Forum. After a week, logged out of the Hilton and could have done the reverse fright back to Bangalore, to fly back tomorrow via Bangalore and Mumbai to Blighty.

Instead I short circuited this by flying back direct from San Francisco to London LHR. Oh my, what a month I’ve had, on behalf of the IT Examiner.

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  1. Interesting journey.

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