Crank Ensemble weirds out Intel folk

ON THE LAST day of the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) we specially were interested to go see the Crank Ensemble, a performance art group. That’s because we’d get to meet Lena Strayhorn, a friend of ours, and one of the ensemble.

We were very interested in the music and we were also very interested in the reaction of the IDF delegates to the performance art. Some said to us, “only in San Francisco”, but we liked their stuff, met most of the ensemble, and liked all of them too.

Here’s an example clip we took on our little digicam. 

2 responses to “Crank Ensemble weirds out Intel folk

  1. thomasxstewart

    Hey-Mike, looked up your name in search engine &: 657,000 results.
    Thats it, Mere 3/4 Million articles in 8 years?

    Some of early stuff was little more of Cat & Dog fight. I saw in2000 it was reported Mike Magee, Fired from theINQUIRER.Yet, Your still there occassionally. Yea!

    Mike, I’m Just Saying, You could learn to type with your Toes & Hands, Plus throw in Dragon Naturally, Add Tongue or Brain reader & it’s be True One Man Band.

    You Might Win Most Posted Pundit Editor in World Award. Instead of Pinkies, Pulitzers.


  2. Sorry, double checked & this mike magee holds down 30 pages. Theres soccer player in longer list mike,magee with over 4,100,000 hits. SO:

    Start blog where you cut & paste your musing & get caught up. for instance, thomasxstewart has about 5,000 listing. Theres something good about that.

    Signed:Mike Drashek Magee

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