INQster man comes second for three years running

CHARLIE DEMERJIAN failed to win the car. He came second. But he won a very handsome notebook instead. Heck, he hardly needs to work for the INQster, he wins so many prizes. ♣

4 responses to “INQster man comes second for three years running

  1. Four years, four years. The poor guy, can’t seem to win.

  2. Our Serbian man comes first – Igor Levicki is the the first external developer to be promoted into Intel Black Belt Developer.
    In the video taken after the awarding at 2008 fall IDF (San Francisco), Igor speaks about it.
    The video with Igor:

    The Related link:

  3. thomasxstewart

    Microsoft SilverLight is Going to replace smaller Laptop with 64 bit over 4 gb Memory Active X like controls, going beyond adobe FLASH within upcoming year. So olympic Gold, I Think So. Final End, NO!

    Hey- Chuckles: Does it Play Ultimate?

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