Mad Mike gets promoted at intel@sanfrancisco

I AM SUCH a lucky or perhaps fortunate man, I am sure you will agree.

But I really, as the Americans say, lucked out at the Intel Developer Forum today.

From being a humble hack at the Rogister, the INQster and the Examiner, Intel has recognised my elevated status and has given me a new job title.

My new job title is shown below. Apparently I now work for the Intel Corporation and I am an analyst.

If only I had the gravitas, I complained to Mr Peddie this morning on registration. He bought me a coffee and himself one too, and wondered why the USA had let me in, yet again.

Don’t worry. One day Scotland will be independent, and we will have a laugh too.

8 responses to “Mad Mike gets promoted at intel@sanfrancisco

  1. So halarious!

  2. Yeah. In a way!

  3. The lyrics of “Little T&A” were described by Richards at the time as being about, “…every good time I’ve had with somebody I’d met for a night or two and never seen again. And also about the shit that sometimes goes down when you just sort of bump into people unknowingly, and not knowing the scene you’re walking in on, you know? You pick up a chick and end up spending the night in the tank, you know?”[1] The lyrics see Richards bemoan that lifestyle;
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    pls beware of a right greenhornamericanized irish bloke hanging out down at the pool- his name is Paddy O’furniture.

  4. Jeos better half

    Didn’t they misspell that?? Didn’t they mean

  5. Congratulations on a new job!

    On a side note, if you met me I would have bought you a beer, not coffee. ;-)

  6. Oh and I have some pictures of Charlie with Shrek ears you might want to have ;-)

  7. Sorry we didn’t meet Igor. This Mike Magee apparently works for Intel in Nevada. In Las Vegas with Eva Glass? Who can say….

  8. In Nevada with Pina Colada or in Las Vegas with a Beer Glass would be better IMHO ;-)

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