Daily Archives: August 19, 2008

Mad Mike gets promoted at intel@sanfrancisco

I AM SUCH a lucky or perhaps fortunate man, I am sure you will agree.

But I really, as the Americans say, lucked out at the Intel Developer Forum today.

From being a humble hack at the Rogister, the INQster and the Examiner, Intel has recognised my elevated status and has given me a new job title.

My new job title is shown below. Apparently I now work for the Intel Corporation and I am an analyst.

If only I had the gravitas, I complained to Mr Peddie this morning on registration. He bought me a coffee and himself one too, and wondered why the USA had let me in, yet again.

Don’t worry. One day Scotland will be independent, and we will have a laugh too.

Intel’s Chen goes egocentric

WE ALREADY have filed some stories on www.itexaminer.com, but here is the video evidence that Mr Chen has gone egocentric, along with Intel.

South Africans give me the bird

ON MY RIGHT, on the non-connecting Ibahn network today was Brett Haggard, a South African who may or may not be related to Rider Haggard of the famous King Solomon’s Mines.

On my left is Mark Davison, a Scot who is now a South African citizen. Brett, who works for a company called Hypertext 100, kindly showed me how to work the Sony cam. Mark, on the left, showed his disapproval of the new trends in journalism. As you can see, again, sorry about the quality, feel the bandwidth, Ibahn.

Smiley’s person does a jig

WE EXPERIMENTED with video at the Intel Developer Forum today. As we didn’t have a valid connection, we couldn’t put this one up immediately, but Mary Smiley ordered a man to sit, stand and run around. The story related to this can be found on www.itexaminer.com, honest guv.

When I asked a question at the end of her session on whether Intel’s sensory system would send a man walking out of Macdonald’s as his cholestorol level rose to unprecedented heighs, she said yeah, absolutely.

So here’s Mary ordering her mister around. Sorry for the quality – it’s just an experiment.

Ibahn puzzled at lack of Intel connection

HOW STRANGE life can be. We were listening to Intel geezers and geezerettes “keynoting” in the Marriott today, and noticed that we had a total lack of what is apparently called connectivity.

I chatted to an Intel lass. She summoned an Intel technician from the vastness that is the Marriott, who checked out this Panasonic PC and tried everything I’d already tried.

The Intel technician then summoned two Ibahn engineers from the vastness of San Francisco, and they puzzled over the enigma that was my non connection.

Nonplussed, they all shook their heads and clucked like plumbers but couldn’t find anything on my laptop that would prevent me connecting. I had tried everything before they tried.

Andy Grove, he said, only the paranoid survive. Could it be that perhaps any PC that belongs to yours truly is blocked from Internet access at an Intel gig? Surely not?