I have the longest Saturday, ever

FROM BANGALORE to San Fran, via Intel’s Dunnington designed in Bengaluru and here I am.

What charming folk the Singapore Airlines people are! Caught my fright from Ole Bengaluru 11pm Friday, and now there’s two and a half hours to go before Saturday is over in San Francisco.

Intel’s Dunnington chip was designed in Bengaluru. Security is  tight, but samples  are available.

Here’s the fright timeline, forget Intel’s Dunnington. An eleven PM departure from Bangalore tips  up in Ole Singapore at 6AM on the Saturday – departs 9AM  Saturday.

9AM make the fright, en route to Seoul, in South Korea, a six hour fright, exactly. Get to Inchon, a change of crew, and  fly out of Korea at 6PM Saturday. A 10.5 hour flight then ensues where we cross the International  Date Line and Saturday resets itself. The free wi-fi at Inchon in Seoul allows us to pick up our email in the Widows of Opportunity  offered in Seoul.

Fry out of Seoul, headed for San Fran – a 10 hour fright. We make  it into SFO around about 1PM on Saturday. An hour to the Hilton –  home of Randy O’Shower, made famous last year, and when we wrote this it was  21:30 on a Saturday.
I’ve had the longest Saturday possible ever. No wonder Intel  designed its “Dunnington” chip in Ole Bengalure. My lag is  complete. I have managed three contintents there and back in the  space of one month.

And I will return to Bangalore after the Intel Developer Forum.  By the way, it’s cold here. Thanks god I brought my cordurouy  jacket with me! It’s freezing. And worse than that, it’s already Sunday in lots of places! What happened to Saturday? [You were frying, Mike. Ed.]

The British hacks wimped out at the Marriott last night and decided to get themselves a good night’s sleep. Here in San Francisco we are checking out how the laundry works. It’s nearly 6PM in the eve in Ole Bengaluru and I can’t get breakfast here for another hour and a half. The Hilton Internet sucketh, and I can barely get any connect at all, but at least I have a functioning shower, unlike this time last year.

The Brithacks are down at the Marriott and have been given luncheon vouchers, it has emerged. And samples of Bengaluru Intel Dunningtons no doubt. No vouchers at the Hilton HHonours ZIP thingie. Ah well. As Mick Jagger posing as Ned Kelly said in the fillum: “Such is life”.  

2 responses to “I have the longest Saturday, ever

  1. Mike, would you choose traveling around the world by going east again?

    I bet it was better than loosing a day by traveling west!

    Regs Nikolas

  2. I think I will lose two days when I travel back to Ole Bengaluru.

    And then another day lost when I have travel back to London Town!

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