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Silicon Limey struggles to find chicken tikka masala

IT, over at his bog, complains that it’s hard to find good Indian nosh in San Francisco. It’s not, you know IT, it really isn’t.

There are plenty of places in SF where you can nosh out on your fave stuff – there’s two places just opposite the Hilton that are half decent.

However, you just cannot compare this with Ole Bengaluru. My bananas in the garden are no doubt growing nicely, but Nandini’s, just down the road from our office, serves up fab food at a cost you cannot imagine. Unfortunately, this is a “family restaurant” so you can’t get a beer.

For that go to the now famous 100 Feet Road, and to the Nandini Palace, where things get much spicier as you climb to the third floor.  The Nandini Palace is where 100 Feet Road bends on the right before you get anywhere near TGI Friday and the Leela Palace. Nandini seems to have a big franchise on milk (dudh) in Bangalore too.

The economy is bust – official

A DARLING, yes really, is the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK. That is to say, he has the purse from which he doles money. He’s caused a controversy here by saying that we face the worst economic conditions since 1948.

Alistair Darling

Alistair Darling

A cheery soul, eh? But when I was at the Intel Developer Forum, I had a long and interesting conversation with a US analyst who really knows her stuff. She thinks the economies of Western Europe and the US are screwed too – we both agreed on that.

I don’t remember 1948, because it was the year before I was born, but I’ve lived through several recessions during my lifetime. I was amused to see an advert from Citibank in Singapore touting a credit card with the sage words at the bottom – borrow responsibly.

Taking advice from bankers is obviously a bust flush – we’ve still to see the fallout from last year’s credit crunch. But my friend said the worst effect would be on youngsters between 20-25 in the USA and Western Europe. They haven’t seen anything but continuing prosperity for year after year. The idea of saving money is an old fashioned notion to the kids, so with unemployment rising in the UK, house prices falling, and inflation, er inflating, they aren’t going to know what’s hit them.

Examiner gets closer to apotheosis

WE CHANGED the content management system = back engine at a few days ago, and it’s fair to say we’re not quite there yet, but almost there. The front end has also changed.

It’s looking very attractive, but the navigation is not straightforward yet – we’re steering our way between those two whirlpools in the Med again, not that we’re Jason and the Argonauts – far from it.

We reckon by the time the weekend is over, we may well have steered our way using our defective rudder towards a land where we have to pull dragons’ teeth. We will then be able to award ourselves a dental certificate – by appointment to dragons.

Meanwhile the “About Us” page has arisen out of the blue on the Examiner’s page. All details are there. Well, some of all the details are there, anyroadmap. θ

I’ve been round the world in 30 days

IT’S A BIT like a John Lennon song, but at the end of July I flew out to Old Bengaluru, ended up in Ole San Francisco via Singapore and Seoul in Korea then completed the trip by frying from San Francisco to Old London Town.

I really am an old idiot, because the three continent journey sounds glamorous but it was far from being a barrel of laughs.

On my way to Bengaluru’s new airport, I asked the Meru cab driver to stop while I had a wee. He drew in to a quiet village and I made water, and got back to the cab. As the fine driver slowly accelerated, a pack of dogs threw themselves against the side of the Meru cab, hitting their heads as if to say: “Don’t have a wee in our neighbourhood”.

Thirty minutes later, I was in the new Ole Bengaluru airport, where packs of dogs run across the concourse, past the now famous Louis Vuitton sculpture of, er, a bag. Checked into Singapore Airlines and rapidly got put through to the Kingfisher Sports Bar, where I was allowed one beer and a packet of crisps.

Got onto the flight from Bangalore to Singapore, a mere four hours hop, just to find the Singapore terminal was a shopping mall. Found my fright from Singapore to San Francisco, a mere few hours to the kimchi capital of the world, Seoul. Good news! Free wi-fi in Korea.

Got shoved onto the fright to San Francisco, a mere many hours, lobbed in, and the immigration officer said: “Sir, why are you here?” To which I responded to attend the Intel Developer Forum. After a week, logged out of the Hilton and could have done the reverse fright back to Bangalore, to fly back tomorrow via Bangalore and Mumbai to Blighty.

Instead I short circuited this by flying back direct from San Francisco to London LHR. Oh my, what a month I’ve had, on behalf of the IT Examiner.

Crank Ensemble weirds out Intel folk

ON THE LAST day of the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) we specially were interested to go see the Crank Ensemble, a performance art group. That’s because we’d get to meet Lena Strayhorn, a friend of ours, and one of the ensemble.

We were very interested in the music and we were also very interested in the reaction of the IDF delegates to the performance art. Some said to us, “only in San Francisco”, but we liked their stuff, met most of the ensemble, and liked all of them too.

Here’s an example clip we took on our little digicam. 

INQster man comes second for three years running

CHARLIE DEMERJIAN failed to win the car. He came second. But he won a very handsome notebook instead. Heck, he hardly needs to work for the INQster, he wins so many prizes. ♣