Oberoi goes namashkar nuts

WHAT’S GOING ON at the Oberoi, Bangalore? We’ve visited this fine establishment several times before – but every member of staff, every member of staff tonight greeted us with the namashkar mudra.

That’s two hands held together, fingers pointing up, against the heart. It’s a Sanskrit way of showing your respect and salutations to the spirit within the other you meet.

That’s all fine and dandy. It shows you’re in India when the doorman dressed in his finery does it and ushers you in. But when you ask the barman for a beer – yeah draught Kingfisher, not Haywards 5000 – and he does the namashkar, well you smell something is afoot. Perhaps guests have complained that the Oberoi is not Indian enough? Perhaps some dignitary is staying there and the namastes are absolutely necessary.

Or perhaps some hotel manager has got a bee in his bonnet and told everyone, everyone to do it. It’s not a bad thing – it’s a good thing, it’s Indian culture. But something is going on here.  Because it’s a new phenomenon.

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  1. thomasxstewart

    Every Public Laundry in World Uses NO Soap, In U.S.A., Europe, everywhere. Yet, Heres another clever Worldwide catch. NO restrant Cook Anywhere on Earth, Washes Hands. Some have so much ingrown Mold that sandwich stored for few days leaves clear impression of where Cook Touched it. yuck.
    well at least Most of food hasn’t fallen on Floor before preperation, yet cooler often is biological Warfare Zone(if any cooler at ALL). Yet tourist have No Choice or see glamour in Fancy Eateries. However, Locals often Eat little meat, tourists want two pound steaks. Daily or Twice daily.EACH.

    So gesture is reference to when your body weight meets your Value, if any. Of course short term stay or moving about help. Unless your Ratauole’ Fan or want blood pumped out in Plunger of Bum serum for tourist eating, well even Hotels take blood when roomers are alseep, Not Many, yet still common as well.Offices,too.

    Unfortunately. India has No Large Cattle Industry like ?Britian would & Western World, So it might be clue where tourists weight went.Try German hotel keep in Victory Station area & your blood will be less & soon you appear like thin Englishperson, so Heavy Meat Use is more U.S. thang, Certainly NOT Indian thingie. Wait there goes another One Now….

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