Mageek and his bag get labelled fragile

GOLLY IT was raining cats and dogs when I tipped off the fright in Old Mumbai earlier today. It is the monsoon season, after all. There is a journey that has to be made if you are frying in from abroad which involves waiting for ages for the bus to take you from the international terminal the domestic one.

It’s all the same airport, but you have to wait for the creaky bus to take you round the Wrekin to Monsieur Domestic.

Monsieur Domestic has several gates to depart from, and we were flying Kingfisher down to Bengaluru today – there are no sign posts at Monsieur Domestic that tells you the truth about how to take a Kingfisher fright.

In fact, you have to walk through the car park, brave several not so electric auto rikshas, and then climb a fright of stairs to find where to board your Kingfisher flight.

Luckily, the rain stopped for a few seconds once we figured this out. We had to check in our hand baggage because it contained a bottle of Stolichyna vodka and you can’t carry this through security.

In fact, a wandering sadhu tried to carry his bag through security before us which contained large bottles of olive oil and the like – the max amount of liquid you can carry through in  India is 100ml and the bottle of olive oil was considerably bigger than that.

The very nice lass at the Kingfisher check in asked if there was anything in what had now metamorphosed into check in baggage rather than hand baggage. Yes! A very large bottle of Stolly. Which resulted in an enormous label being stuck on the already well trussed bag and we being able to pick up our check in luggage very soon after we landed at the wonderful new Bangalore airport which is only an hour and a half away from down tooon Bengaluru.

But I have to say this about Indian airline security. I fly around the world quite a bit, some might say quite too much, but it is very thorough indeed. Today’s magic wand successfully discovered the titanium alloy plate that’s been in my leg for 27 years now and the only other authorities that pick up on that seem to be based at Barcelona airport.

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  1. I hope that fragile sticker doesn’t get the same kind of attention as the ones on UPS packages…


  2. thomasxstewart

    Read About Bombing so linked Picture of LaLA, God of Sadistic humour.

    Lala, in with Lon /Deen demands ALL Cell Phones be turned into Razor Blades.

    However, ib.m States: Cell Phones are way too small to be blade. So,humph.Maybe satelite blades.

    Heres Striking question: Is ANY of Bombing Illegal actually? So often reporters sneer out tragic press, yet leave it to you to decide Licitness.

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