Smoking ban hits India

IN AUTUMN this year India will follow the flock and introduce a smoking ban very similar to the one holding sway in Blighty.

This won’t mean many pubs close in Bangalore, because there weren’t very many pubs anyway, despite it being the “pub capital” of India. We are always recommended to go to the “Hard Rock Cafe” or “TGI Friday” for a good time, so you can tell the place is really buzzing.

The pubs in Bangalore are really not that wonderful. “Pub World” for example, seems to be populated by middle aged men sharing pitchers of Kingfisher and watching cricket – which is legion. NASA is really off the wall – the people there look like they’re wearing airline uniforms, not astronaut helmets. Once more, this is restricted to middle-aged saddos.

The Bangalore guide – link on the right down a bit, said that the Underground is a really happening place. It’s not. It shut down three years ago, we are informed. 

In short, now India is introducing the “no smoking” rule, it seems that Bangalore will be even less the “pub capital of India”. The hacks in the Examiner Bengaluru office tell me you can’t smoke on the railways either, not even if you’re on the roof. But if you slip the guards 10 or 20 bucks – rupees not greenbacks – it could well be overlooked as a misdemeanour.

If you’re convicted of smoking on the trains, you can get six months in jail, maximum. Golly, ciggie smoking is a dangerous habit, isn’t it? ♦

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  1. I believe that non-smokers, like anyone else, have this right.

    But how far does that right extend?

    Should it take priority over someone else’s rights?

    Court houses, publicly owned buildings and anywhere else an
    individual might be forced to go should properly be included in any
    smoking law.
    What should not be included are places located in or on private property,

    providing an individual is not compelled by necessity or law,

    to frequent or work at that specific location.
    Second-hand smoke is not a statistically significant health risk.

    Thomas Laprade

  2. thomasxstewart

    Mike- Whats News on Bombing Going On. heres bit:
    Bombings Kill at Least 29 in Western India
    As many as 16 small blasts tear through the city of Ahmedabad. It was the second synchronized bombing attack in the country in as many days.

    I noticed bangalore was multiple bombed, too, recently. Is there special reason, cause or demand being made?

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