Inquirer and the Rogister turn into Tweedledum and Weedledee

OH THE NAVEL GAZING that’s going on between folk at the titles I founded now better known as the INQster and the Roojester.

On the one hand we have the ineffable Lester Haines, here, deciding to have a go at the INQster possibly for the reason it’s a slow news day. On the other hand, we have this one from the INQster, a long letter from the Editor to his reader.

You wait. August will get worse. Until it gets better. In September.  I’m off to Bangalore again tomorrow and all points east. God bless the Inquirer! God bless the Rogister! May they rull the wabes!  

3 responses to “Inquirer and the Rogister turn into Tweedledum and Weedledee

  1. It’s a hard thing. It’s easy to get reactionary to the petty things in life. Those petty things can get will beyond petty if it’s repeated enough.

    Charlie gave his take, as he’s wont to do, but this one has a little more meaning than nVidia and it’s stock holders or the grand battle between the Vole and the future of humanity.

    I love Charlie’s work and I have the greatest of respect for his understanding, his opinion, and his rants.

    This one likely needed not further comment than a spammer killed his family and then killed his self. I think many of can draw their own conclusions, and those that can’t will need to spend a bit more time reading.


  2. That article was typical Charlie style and it reminded me of Sledge Hammer! TV show which I am sure everyone loved to watch.

    While he did go a bit over the top, he did show sympathy for the man’s family. People bashing him seem to have missed that part of his article completely.

    If anyone is to blame for what happened it is not Charlie or the spammer king — it’s the _system_ which:

    1. Let him prosper by doing such an annoying thing as spamming millions of people each day

    2. Let him escape the prison (actually it was federal minimum-security work camp)

    3. Let him commit such a horrible act in the end without even attempting to protect the family

    In my opinion, one of the eye-witnesses nailed it:

    “What a nightmare, and such a coward,” Eid said. “Davidson imposed the ‘death penalty’ on family members for his own crime.”

    And finally some food for thought:

    “I realize this may be jumping to conclusions, but the very first place the cops should stake out is where his wife and family were residing. There’s simply no reason he should have been able to contact them without being apprehended. Unless some circumstances prove otherwise, I’m inclined to believe the cops have some culpability here.”

    Enjoy your stay in Bangalore Mike!

  3. As I commented on The Register, Charlie’s piece MAY have been a bit over the top (I personally don’t think so) but Lester’s “reply” is nothing more than attention seeking drivel. Lester isn’t a bit outraged about Charlie’s piece. (maybe a little that he didn’t think of it himself) He just saw it as an opportunity to scope some points against the Inq. And that is sad……

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