INQUIRER editor gives Examiner editor the bird

THE FIRST PUBCAST has come to pass but it has happened here, on my very own bog.

Paul Hales, the editor of the INQ (founder: M.Magee) decided to join the Old Farts at the Globe Tavern opposite Baker Street yesterday evening.

Hales wasn’t a happy bunny. But at least he had the grace to respond to our request for a live interview, complete with sound effects. Just a second later, he grinned and gave us the finger twice. But we’ve cut that bit out, because this is a family bog.  The vid was produced with the fantastic Flip device – it plugs into your USB port, the sound is pretty good, and the vid quality isn’t bad either. The software is on the machine and it takes a couple of batteries which generate an hour of video. What’s inside this cheap device?

With apologies to Intel for the dum-de-dum-de-dum-de-dum thingie. It was playing loudly on the pub TV while we were filming. The finger is here.  

9 responses to “INQUIRER editor gives Examiner editor the bird

  1. Mike, your link to the Inq goes to the Reg!


  2. madmikemagee

    Yeah, that was on purpose. That’s why my link to Intel went to the Indian site. Sheesh!

  3. That’s the trouble with bogs. Any old Tom Dick or Kylie with a camera thinks they can be a blinkin’ journalist…

  4. thomasxstewart

    Judging by reply comment, article & video, conclusion is obvious. Mike Magee really is Drashek. Rally Drashek, it is confusing.

    Signed: thomas Stewart von …..?

  5. I’ve never met any of you two in person . But as an independent observer 11.132+ Km away
    whom holds both in high esteem, I can only wonder aloud… could you please bring this Hales-Magee missile crisis to a halt? Please…

    I don’t care whom started it, it just look silly on both to carry on these games…

    All we are saying… is give peace a chance…

    Just my $0.02

  6. madmikemagee

    Hi Fernando. No.


  7. Pubcasts–the way forward, shame we didn’t get the go ahead for our brainchild at Cassa D ;-(

  8. It’s funny, because it’s blue.

  9. Its Really funny as I just found out I’m Mike Magee, thomasxstewart told Me. Wow. Soon Birth By Internet will become Total reality, Black or blue. I just Hope that Lovely Drashek Person dosn’t feel crowded, especially with FC Squizeeing in limelight.

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