Hardware man confesses: “I love the smell of a PCB”

IN CASE you ever wondered why some people spend all their active working lives reviewing motherboards and the like, we seem to have discovered the answer.

They’re addicted. Not addicted to the fabulous technology on a motherboard, oh no, but to the smell of a newly created mobo. A printed circuit board. A PCB.

According to an ubergeek journalist into this hardware stuff, he’s not the only one similarly addicted. “Lots of hardware journalists” have admitted to him they have a similar problem.

So all you need to do if you want to attract a hardware journo to your wares is to create a spray –  Eau de Mobo – apply it your product such as a fan, a heatsink, a capacitor or whatever, and you’re almost guaranteed a review. I need a drink.

One response to “Hardware man confesses: “I love the smell of a PCB”

  1. That’s just part of a wide spectrum of smells, to which only the truly lost are sensitive. There’s the pungent waft of rosin-cored solder. The self-satisfied hum of warm power transistors. The reek of refried smoke from the back of a valve television set after twenty years in the front room of a 40-a-day man. And – my personal favourite – the completely indescribable (except by real writers) tang of cedary waxiness from tropicalised military surplus kit.

    Ah, happiness. I think I’ll fire up my soldering iron and burn off a small portion of my (irreplaceable, since the EC outlawed the true plumbum) stash of proper Ersin Multicore 60/40.

    The incense addicts know nothing of this.

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