Daily Archives: July 8, 2008

Kali shrine is close to Laundry Centre of Excellence

JUST A FEW yards away from the Centre of Laundry Excellence – the prize winner in every Google poll – is a Kali shrine. The locals call the goddess Kali some other name down this neck of the woods in Ole Bengaluru.

A fence separates the mundane from the spiritual – you can detect the car trying to encroach on the spiritual from the pic below. This shrine is carefully tended. It is a mound covered with flowers underneath a beautiful spreading tree. We doubt that commercial incursions into Indiranagar can ever wipe out these centres of ancient excellence.

Security guy gets cap as demolition starts anew

WE’RE GLAD to report that the poor security guard pictured a few days on this bog has now got a smart new cap to go with his uniform.

He works all day every day, and as far as we can tell sleeps on site too.

We’re not so glad to report that a rather handsome house next door to our office is due for demolition. The rather nice Indiranagar district is being trashed at the altar of the Great God Commerce.

The coconut tree in its precincts can’t apparently go, because it’s considered very bad form and luck to chop these trees down. But the scaffolding and tarpaulins have already gone up. We used to write construction stuff a lifetime ago. Unlike China, where they use bamboo, in India wood scaffolding is bound together with rope to create the superstructure.

Pretty soon, we guess, we’ll see the whole place downed and soon enough it will have a security guard whose uniform will get smarter by the day. Progress! ♥

Laundry Wars: Mike Magee’s knickers exposed

NOW THAT WE have reached the dizzying heights of number one and number two when you search for “laundry wars” on Google, we thought it was time to reveal the secrets behind the stories.

Many of our reader – yeah that’s right – one reader, has asked how our laundry is packaged when it turns up as it infallibly does. Here are the facts. The laundry turns up in a brown paper bag. In the case of this shot, one brown paper bag. Thus we have ripped apart one bag – or as Isuppli has it “torn down” one bag, which sits on top of three other unmutilated brown bags.

I trust you find my knickers to be in good taste, my socks to be in good repair, and my jeans to be clean and spanking old!