Road to Bengaluru BIAL free as a bird

I’M FLYING out of the new Bengaluru (BIAL) airport to Pune this morning. The fright is at 11:30, but got up early in case of the widely rumoured traffic that can force a very long journey.

But travelling here was a dream, a breeze, a snap and no crackle or pop. Why? The truckers in India are on a nationwide strike. All there was on the road were cars, bikes and buses. So every cloud has a silver lining. The cloud being that the local newspapers are reporting that Bengaluru will run out of vegetables by Monday. Mumbai and Delhi are chock-a-block.

I am, by the way, writing this using the free wi-fi at BIAL. This airport is really an improvement over HAL.  I mean it’s even filled the shelves of the shops here.

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  1. Geoffrey Mason

    Well I am at Bangalores air port Bengaluru and if you want to enjoy the free internet service you have to go to a great deal of trouble to use the free wi-fi
    It is far better to go to a paid service as this free service has a lot of problems that should be an embarrassment to BIAL
    If you too have trouble getting to use this free service please also make a complaint as its a waste of our valuable waiting time to have to go to such a lot of trouble to use it,
    It is like the computers are here for decoration,


    Geoffrey Mason

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