Daily Archives: July 4, 2008

Last minute glitch in Laundry Wars armistice

YES, we reported that the laundry wars were over. But a final skirmish happened as we checked out of the Centre of Laundry Excellence.

We discovered a pair of socks that belonged to another guest. How do we know they belonged to another guest? He always wears bright red spotted socks. And we don’t.

Road to Bengaluru BIAL free as a bird

I’M FLYING out of the new Bengaluru (BIAL) airport to Pune this morning. The fright is at 11:30, but got up early in case of the widely rumoured traffic that can force a very long journey.

But travelling here was a dream, a breeze, a snap and no crackle or pop. Why? The truckers in India are on a nationwide strike. All there was on the road were cars, bikes and buses. So every cloud has a silver lining. The cloud being that the local newspapers are reporting that Bengaluru will run out of vegetables by Monday. Mumbai and Delhi are chock-a-block.

I am, by the way, writing this using the free wi-fi at BIAL. This airport is really an improvement over HAL.  I mean it’s even filled the shelves of the shops here.