Laundry wars hit impasse

THE CLEAN pair of shorts that the Centre of Laundry Excellence wrongly assumed needed to be laundered have tipped up again, in as pristine a state as they left our custody.

But in another move in the Laundry Wars, the laundry bag in the closet that said removal of the laundry bag would attract a fine has gone. We haven’t taken it. We presume it’s gone out to be laundered.

Everything else is going well. We  bought a couple of shirts yesterday  – they still have their sales tags on, so we presume they won’t be laundered as long as they don’t stray into No Man’s Land. No Man’s Land being any region where any piece of fabric could be construed as being laundry, we presume. This is Laundry Warfare and only the bravest cotton picking soul ventures into No Man’s Land here.

6 responses to “Laundry wars hit impasse

  1. Laundry wars are better than ant wars. In vietnam at the moment, so far the ants are winning, I dare not leave a can of coke on my bedside table for too long else it will be engulfed.

    Did you know your #2 for “laundry wars” on google?

  2. madmikemagee

    No, I didn’t know that. I heard inflation was shooting up in Vietnam. As well as the Laundry Wars of Ole Bengaluru, we got the wars too. My favourite mosquito here just bites my leg or something. My unfavourite mosquito decides to sink her proboscis into my shoulder and produce a huge bump that makes my arm ache. Comparing ant.wars, laundry.wars and mymosquito.wars, give me laundry every time. PS Another set just got delivered.

  3. thomasxstewart

    Brits Insist On Waste & Those Peoples have Lived thousand years In Extreme Conservation. No Offense, yet English Just Wastes Entire Resource base in One quick Lifetime, Perhaps thru anger. Reduced to Priratism, same as any impoverished Nation(Including Scotland), yet result is great decrease in Population.OLD cultures Just Arn’t Prepared for that Loss. No One Lives That Long Anyhow.

    So it sounds Like Paradise for Those Who Enjoy humiliation of Others.

    OLD, OLD Town Bangalore is Small Milatarily Set Houses with cart Way on all four sides of each Single room Home, to wonder in Is to Be Eaten. So Ridicule In right Place. Yet At Least Wear Some Stolen Clothes.Run Over Few Cats & Dogs, Ignore sewage treatment plant Right in Exact Center of City. BTW All those Drashek Cities Are real. Its WhiteField thats RAW.


  4. Man, this Drashek gay person thinks he is unstoppable. Seems he will continue to spamalot everyone who has comments turned on until he gets his prescription — a handfull of Pb granules administered into the bloodstream through his butt.

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