ATI party had “talking heads”

THE RECENT ATI gig in Old California must have been quite an affair. A megageek writes to tell us that at the cocktail party held there, he was in conversation with some other geek about shaders and the like, when an attractive Berkeley student tipped up.

Apparently she, like many another, had been engaged by ATI’s PR to engage in social intercourse with the media. The megageek was annoyed, seeing as he was engrossed in social intercourse with another geek about shaders and the like.

The conversation turned to San Francisco and the subject of skiing came up, as well as chit chat about the town and that.

This event bears all the hallmarks of former, now current AMD spinner Chris Hook, from Canadaland. Former readers of the INQster will recall not only that Charlie Demerjian attended his wedding, but that when he was based in Europe he caused Mike Magee to fall off his stool at a Hampstead hostelry.

We haven’t heard from Chris since he found himself drafted back to North America. But it does sound as if he still has a flair for party PR, by all accounts.

6 responses to “ATI party had “talking heads”

  1. thomasxstewart

    To combine Launfry With Fun, Like Humans Do, Your Bag Scheme is Credit Card following You.

    Reason Party Seems nice is atmosphere seems safe for All turmoil, Yet Its Deception, Like Lady with hands In your Pockets. Your A1 friend Was trying to Help You realize Danger.

    Fear & Humiliation results in “How smart are you” & lot of Outgoing Care for Decievers, As Crummy Place Needs something. it Too Is trick, Yet if you don’t Pay, You Didn’t Pay ,therefore You don’t PAY. SAVE lOT OF TROUBLES.


  2. Hey Mike, will you be at the IDF in San Francisco?

  3. madmikemagee

    Hi Igor, yes I will!

  4. So, Chris was taken off the Hook, and blown away from the Old Continent’s ATI HQ, to be engaged in organizing broader social intercourses with media heads and corporate brains?

  5. That is great, I might come as well. Hopefully we’ll have time for a pint?

  6. Glad to see you’re still communicating. I’ve missed your incisive wit over at the Inq — they’re too serious without you.

    I eagerly await the next instalment of the laundry wars.

    Health, long life, good curry and joy, my friend.

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