Daily Archives: June 25, 2008

Laundry wars take unexpected twist

HERE AT the Centre of Laundry Excellence in Ole Bengaluru we thought we had seen it all. Oh no we hadn’t.

It only took a day or so before the Laundry Wars began again, but with a vengeance. Arriving here from BIAL on Tuesday morning at about 5:30AM, we managed to grab an hour or two of well merited kip. We donned our “polo” (geddit?!?) shirt and our shorts, confident that in an hour or two we’d be on our way to another day at the IT Examiner.

And so we did. Foolishly, we left our perfectly fresh shorts and “polo” shirt on top of our bag, thinking that having decked a dirty shirt, pants and socks, this would be enough to placate the Laundry Goddess. No! Arriving back tonight from a hard day at the orifice, the shorts and “polo” shirt had gone – presumably swallowed into Her Maw, while here we are with a freshly laundered shirt and a pair of socks. The blue shirt, by the way, has gone through so many laundering processes that it is beginning to look a bit grey.

We opened the cupboard in case the missing items were in there. No! Instead in there is a laundry bag saying that if anyone removes the laundry bag from the room, there will be a penalty to pay!

We will keep you up to date on the state of the Bengaluru laundry wars at this fab hotel – have no doubt about that at all. Our cunning plan of only bringing four shirts, two pairs of breeks, four skivvies and eight socks seems to be misfiring already! This hotel is becoming quite famous! 

Bengaluru is full of pretty pakshas

PONDERING the roar that is new Bengaluru today, my eye spotted a bird which I’ve never seen before. It’s not the screaming one that wakes me up at 5AM, but which I spotted by accident. It’s not the raptors that fly in the sky, nor is a crow. Nor for that matter is a finch.

It is a strange bird, around the size of a British Starling, but with green wings and a brown body, and a tiny little voice. If only I had managed to snap the thing before it flew off to pastures new.

As I said last time I was in this beautiful city, if the authorities are not careful, they will destroy the trees, the plants, the butterflies and the other flora that decorate this Karnataka paradise.

Everywhere around you is the sound of trees being felled, of drills being wielded and of metal being welded. If India wants an example of what can be done to a city, it need look no further than Shanghai. I stayed there earlier this year in the Pudong “district”, and the only other living creature apart from humanoids were four forlorn sparrows.

The last thing Bengaluru needs is three more ring roads. But I would hazard a wager if such things were permitted here, that three are already planned. It’s a garden city by default, and needs to be kept that way. Which is obviously just my humble opinion. Money often wins in this world.

Nvidia and the eggs – revisited

HAD A CHAT with old Charlie Demerjian at the INQster this morning about Mr Peddie’s post and the matter of eggs in the face.

Charlie tells me that sure enough the conversation was real, but after Mr Derek Perez laid down the guidelines for how to have a deep and meaningful conversation with Nvidiazilla, Charlie rejected them totalismo. At which point, rather than throw eggs at Demerjian, Derek just lost it.

Charlie said he was chatting to Jon Peddie about this stuff at the ATI conference at Computex and our darling debonair graphics analyst embellished it, quite colourfully we believe.

Is all well that ends well? We think not. Not yet, anyroadmap as we used to say at the INQsteria.