Daily Archives: June 24, 2008

Inquirer hack gets Nvidia eggs in face

DASHING DEBONAIRE GRAPHICS GURU John Peddie has a tale of the unexpected up on his bog.

He reports on an unlikely meeting between Derek Perez, swashbuckling PR from Nvidia and Charlie Demerjian, pepsibuckling former protege of yours truly.

Nvidia’s Perez, according to Peddie, lost his rag with Chuck and threw a plate of eggs right over Demerjian’s face.  Or so the story goes, here. 

Nvidia has long had a bit of a probbo with the INQster – dating back to when I was still herding the crazy freelancers and Fudo fell out with Jen Hsen, or was it the other way round? Anyway, it’s not normal business practice for PRs to throw eggs in journalist’s faces – the boot, so to speak, is usually on the other foot.  

In Terminal Five you feel half alive

FLEW OUT yesterday to Bengalaru and I was a Terminal Five virgin, because BA has finally switched practically all of its frights to the new big place at Heathrow.

I was lucky enough to be in one of the lounges and they’re certainly massive enough – you have clear views of what look like carefully cultivated acres of dull grey stones, and above you are girders, girders and more girders.

But there’s something about the place that makes you feel like you’re in a Jean-Paul Satre novel – I felt either half alive or half dead, and most of the other passengers looked that way too. And most of the staff for that matter. There’s something very very soulless about T5.

That feeling is even more pronounced in the vast shopping mall that is T5. Endless rows of glossy shops less than half full, and such a feeling of space above that you’re reduced to what you are – an insignificant little bit of data being shoved at vast expense into silvery tubes and shipped out to points on the moral compass.

And so after nine hours or so, we arrived at BIAL – you’ll recall that we were one of the first to fly out from the new Bangalore airport. Lobbed in at 4AM in the morning, we found immigration and everything else to be painless – despite large queues of people, we were all “processed” politely and swiftly so before a twitch of a lamb’s tail, we were facing the Louis Vuitton sculpture once again.

And at 4:45AM, the drive into Indiranagar from the BIAL airport was hitch free and swift – we made it back to the Centre of Laundry Excellence in only an hour and five minutes.