I am going back to Bengaluru

BY MID-WEEK, I will be back in Bengaluru – a fine place.  I noticed on PR Wire that a “French Connection” shop has opened up at the airport, so I will be able to buy my Gitanes when I fly out again, no doubt.

Even though the monsoons hit India a week or two back, Bangalore remains pleasant.  The highs are acceptable and the lows mean there won’t be a huge problem freezing at night, while we still have a touch of frost here in Blighty from time to time.

We are looking forward to a resumption of the laundry wars and the 30 second walk to the orifice which actually takes 15 minutes as you wait for the opportunity to dash across the roads and become  Bengaluru road kill.

More especially, we are looking forward to chatting to our IT Examiner staff once more, and following the ancient editorial tradition, bringing them something back from our foreign trip to Blighty. Currently we have the famous “summer cold” we Brits get when the sun fails to shine in the morning. These rhinovirii are so adaptable!  



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  1. There is also the summer cold we yanks get, such as when I flew down to orlando last week to mingle about with 8600 or so other geeks in the orange county convention center, occasionaly making a break from the air conditioning to bask in the 95+ degree heat and humidity outside.

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