We’re so busy in Bangalore

WE’RE WORKING to produce the graphics elements on the IT Examiner and will soon have something to show you.

Meanwhile, our team of journos based in Ole Bangalore have been knocking out copy like there’s no tomorrow, and working very hard.

If you want to see what our folk there look like, you can go to this page. It’s interesting watching a site begin – unlike the panic that prompted the launch of The Inquirer, this is a more planned activity. We decided to go with the rudimentary design that’s there right now because our journos were banging out copy, and it seemed a shame if it was going nowhere.

More on this when there’s, er, more on this.

3 responses to “We’re so busy in Bangalore

  1. Hi Mike,

    Why no RSS feeds for all the news ur churning out?



  2. Brilliant! MaGee outsources himself to India!. Totally Brilliant! This again demonstrates that Mr. Magee is the sharp end of the spear of, not just IT journalism, but all of (formerly) print journalism. Those NYTimes reporters should all get rickhsaws. It would sharpen their perspectives.
    I have looked over the ITexaminer and it looks great. I sense you have another winner on your hands.
    best of luck
    Art Horn


  3. Thank You!! The inquirer is terrible now!! I can’t wait to see this site *clicks link*


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