Shiva-Shakti temple and Shakti mound in Indiranagar

JUST A FEW YARDS from this hotel – motto: “Laundry Excellence” – there are two temples of interest.

One is a Shiva-Shakti temple, where the god and the goddess are worshipped as if they were one.

On another parallel is a shrine to Shakti, in this case we believe the South Indian equivalent of Mahakali, Murugan. This latter shrine is of great interest to us and we will attempt to grab a photo of it.

It consists of a mound of fertile Karnataka soil, topped with a Shakti red crown, whilst in the front are nagas (snakes) and other deities disporting themselves in rather an interesting manner.

Indiranagar was, we hear, a quiet little suburb only a few years ago. Now the houses are being taken over by businesses and the trees are being felled. The Shiva-Shakti temple and the Kali shrine have probably been here for time immemorial.

We think it was James Branch Cabell who said in his book Jurgen that you ignored the gods and goddesses at your peril. Especially so in the case of those goddesses who revel in Tuesdays and in Saturdays.

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