THEY’VE DECLARED a three day ban on alcohol here in Ole Bangalore, because there’s elections tomorrow and perhaps the authorities fear everyone will get a little overexcited.

Not just bars and pubs, hotel bars too, although guests with hotels with mini-bars might be OK. The drought ends on Sunday. Sheesh! Forewarned should have been forearmed!  The local Midday newspaper reported 300 people have been thrown in clink for buying or selling illicit hooch.

2 responses to “faceook.com

  1. yeah who needs the hooch? teh new site looks ok…the best articles are about real life hardware adventures. the dual quad overclocking and fernando opteron box were cool i am hoping you will find some good writers who can leverage the swag and get some decent kit- something they want back but you like so much you just pay for it. anyways things keep rolling. the gpu wars are going to be interesting. let the games begin!


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