Daily Archives: May 9, 2008


THEY’VE DECLARED a three day ban on alcohol here in Ole Bangalore, because there’s elections tomorrow and perhaps the authorities fear everyone will get a little overexcited.

Not just bars and pubs, hotel bars too, although guests with hotels with mini-bars might be OK. The drought ends on Sunday. Sheesh! Forewarned should have been forearmed!  The local Midday newspaper reported 300 people have been thrown in clink for buying or selling illicit hooch.

Hotel wins extra point in laundry war

IF YOU’VE seen the previous entry about my laundry and the hotel, you’ll know that I’m losing. I lost again today. Put shirt, knicks socks in Radisson bag, hid it in the cupboard, went out to work, got back. Yup, laundered. Hotel 5 Magee 1.

Must come up with a fresh strategy if I’m not to be totally annihilated in the laundry stakes.

Screeching bird obsoletes alarum cocks

YOU DON’T NEED an alarm clock here in Indiranagar, Ole Bangalore. Regularly, at 5:15AM, the most horrendous screeching bird kicks off the day and rouses you from your slumber.

It goes on for just long enough to make sure you’re wide awake, and then at precisely 5:42AM it shuts up.

In case by any miracle you manage to get back to sleep, another avian creature starts up at 6:05AM precisely. This one sounds like fingernails scratching a blackboard, but at very high volume.

Two days ago we watched John Woodcutter taking an old fashioned and rather small axe to a rather handsome tree. The wiry John Woodcutter took no time at all to send the fine specimen of something or other crashing to the ground.

There’s always something happening in what used to be the sleepy suburb of Indiranagar.