Trees with blue blossoms are everywhere

NOT ONLY are there a heap of Tamarind trees here in Ole Bengaluru, there are other pretty trees in blossom too.

We don’t know what type of tree this blue blossom specimen is below. But if you know, please tip us off, and we’ll update this little piece forthwith.

4 responses to “Trees with blue blossoms are everywhere

  1. Surely a jackaranda?

  2. Looks like a jacaranda to me!

  3. Trifecta for Jacaranda!

    Purple flowers, scaley bark and circular seedpods.

    Used to live in a street full of them – they are from Brazil, believe it or not. Buggered if I know what they are doing in India. Certainly the Brits love ’em for their fair countenances.

  4. Krista Legum

    Thx for information.

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