Daily Archives: May 2, 2008

Chip sales up and Wii does well

RESEARCH ANALYST Bruce Diesen said in a report for Carnegie that March was good for many semiconductor sectors worldwide, with handset ICs and microprocessors doing particularly well.

Diesen said the three month average of world semi sales rose to $21.1 billion compared to an expected $20.7 billion in March. Average selling prices for PC chips rose – which must have been reflected in Intel’s recent results. There was “exceptional strength” in Nintendo Wii chips, said Diesen, but wireline and wireless infrastructures weakened.

Handset chip sales rose by around five and a half per cent year on year in dollar terms. ♣

Microsoft gets writ over video conferencing

SOFTWARE FIRM Microsoft got a writ from Fullview on the 29th of April, alleging its Round Table video conferencing software breached a number of patents.

Fullview alleges that patent number 6,700,711 called Panoramic Viewing System with a Composite Field of View is breached by Round Table.  The patent was issued to Vishjit Singh Nalwa and Fullview said that he holds 14 US patents on his omni directional camera viewing system.

Part of the patent describes the ability to panoramically scan 360 degrees. Fullview is seeking injunctions on Round Table and damages from the Vole. ♣

Intellimage gets writ from Chipzilla

THE LEGAL BEAGLES at Intel issued a writ against Intellimage late last month, alleging it had breached its trademark.

Intellimage specialises in graphics design, but it has made the fatal mistake of starting its name with the letters i, n, t, e and l. Many firms and individuals have fallen foul of Intel’s jealousy at firms which use its name, or part of it.

The law suit started in a Californian district court on the 28th of April last. ♣