My moral compass goes awry

TOOK ME AGES to find my compass this morning so I could find out where I was going.

When I finally found it, the needle was pointing towards magnetic north, but the odd thing is the “E” had swapped places with the “W”. It seems to now spell out NEWS, when really it should be spelling out NWSE, whatever that means.

I have had this compass for something like 40 years, and once I used it to find the Eiffel Tower – not because the needle was pointing to the iron edifice, but because I could see the tower and didn’t know how to navigate towards it.

I think my needle has fared somewhat better than the 3.5-inch, 5.25-inch and 8-inch floppy disks with their data demagnetised comprehensively.  When I was a kid, having never heard the word before, I pronounced “awry” as “orry”. Didn’t realise it had something to do with a wry outlook. How naïve I was!


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  1. I heard a story about a naked man who could find his way in the dark by holding his tongue in one hand and his penis in the other…

    Guess where he stuck the compass?

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