The IT Examiner is ready – almost

IN JUST A FEW days from now I will join the four staff I have already hired in Ole Bangalore, and supervise the introduction of the IT Examiner to the global scene.

There will also be an assault and battery of several freelancers contributing to the mix – the aim of the magazine being to interpret what’s happening in India and China to the rest of the world.

This magazine will not compete with tabloids like the Rogister and the INQster. We will be introducing journalism to the world and the workspace of the world as you haven’t seen it before. Our Indian journalists will be digging deeper and deeper to get our readers stories.

We will be off to a flying start with some top features about the companies that matter most in our lovely, lovely IT world. To us, where the money is, and where the money goes will be paramount. For was it not someone who said during the Nixon administration, “follow the money”?



3 responses to “The IT Examiner is ready – almost

  1. Cheers and best of luck with your latest venture Mike!

  2. You’re just a goddamned perfectionist, Mike. You’ve always got to be the best, don’t you? Well, OK, then. Be that way, Be The Best. You probably can’t even spell retirement, can you? It’s just as well; you would be miserable if you couldn’t spend every waking minute taking your game to the next level. I know how that is. You’re just making it harder for the other journalists, though. You probably know that, too, don’t you? I bet your mother and father had no idea of the havoc that you would create in the IT news business. I bet you didn’t even warn them at all!

  3. Hiya Gene – my mother is long dead. Punch cards were about the level the industry was at when she died. My dad didn’t have much of a clue about computers either – he died in 1991. But they did seem to have a clue about the havoc I might cause.

    My dad said to me in the early 1970s “Mike, if you spent as much time on the job you now have rather than making magazines, your future would be secure.”

    So you are right Gene. They had no warning :) They just knew me.

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