Intel trip clashes with AMD trip

IT’S THE CLASH OF two PR  titans. No sooner had AMD invited a heap of hacks to go visit Dresden, than Intel has invited a heap of hacks to go visit Munich.

The AMD trip is on the 15th of May, while the Intel trip is, apparently on the 14th of May. I will be in Bangalore (Bengaluru) so can go on neither, even if I’d been invited to either. German hacks can probably do both, given the speed of the ICE trains in the country.

The fact the two trips collide is, of course, entirely coincidental. You’d think, in a way, that Chipzilla and Chimpzilla were collaborating. But that would, of course, fly in the face of conventional wisdom. They have to love each other, let’s face it.

The interesting thing is which hacks decide on Tweedledum dum dum, and which on TweedleAMD. Are hacks on the side of the underdog again?  

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