Daily Archives: April 24, 2008

Florence is not Zebedee from Boboli

THE PIC ABOVE is of Florence, home to the Bonfire of the Vanities, and to Lorenzo the Magnificent. It is taken from the Boboli Gardens and as far as I can see the only thing wrong with it is that there is scaffolding on the outside of the great dome.

This scaffolding isn’t where the great preacher Savonarola got his come uppance, no. That was a very long time ago.

It is a crying shame that Boticelli threw some of his paintings onto Savonorala’s famous bonfire. The fact Savonarola  perished a little later in the turbulent history of Florence doesn’t help. Love conquers all. Sometimes.  Machiavelli is considered a little schemer in the UK. But in Italy he is a genius. He certainly produced a little tome in The Prince, which just betrays he was a little bit of a cynic.

What’s happened to Silicon Limey?

HERE BE A BOG called Silicon Limey, written by a geezer who is headed over to San Francisco to work as an ex-pat, in much the same way, we guess, we’ll be doing out in Bengaluru in a week or so.

The pic he runs doesn’t do me many favours. It was taken in Ole Taipei. I didn’t suffer a massive heart attack, thank goodness. Only the tiniest bit of my heart was affected, and I had a triple, not a quadruple bypass.

Nor did I start quaffing endless pints and smoking Marlboro Reds as if there was no tomorrow.  I don’t know what he means about my unstable hands either – sheesh, I could tell a story or two about him if pixels were free. Like, for example, if he was slumped with his head on top of a keyboard, wouldn’t it be beeping like crazy? Is he Silicon Limey, or Silicon Cor Blimey?

But the slowly burning question of the day persists. Is he now in San Francisco? Will he be able to find a decent cup of tea over there?  Has he got adequate medicare? Can we find a recent photograph of him in our digital portfolios?  ♥

Boffins figure method to cut out Indium from LCDs

A TEAM OF SCIENTISTS at Kochi University have teamed up with Geomatec and Casio to work out a way of making TFT LCD panels without having to use as much Indium.

Nikkei.net said that the technique will cut out three quarters of the amount of Indium used to make transparent electrodes by replacing it with a special type of “nanopowder” zinc oxide, which is obviously far cheaper than Indium. The breakthrough will take three years at last to incorporate into a practical manufacturing method.

All about Indium (In), here. ♣