Daily Archives: April 23, 2008

AMD will take loads of hacks to Dresden in mid-May

DESPITE BEING a bit cash short, AMD does not stint on journos, especially  now its back is up against the wall. Some hacks of our acquaintance have been “dissed” by AMD recently.

This bog understands it will ship loads of EMEA (European, Middle East and Africa) hacks to Dresden to explain its “asset light” strategem. Hopefully, first class.

By then, we will be in Bangalore, in India, so Dresden will be a long way away. But it is time that the world+dog is given to understand what cash strapped AMD is on about. A big press freebie to Dresden is hardly an explanation of anything, is it?

Queen Carly Fiorina might be deputy McCain queen

THE DEPOSED QUEEN OF HP, Ms Carly Fiorina, could be John McCain’s running mate in the presidential race.

So says Hispanic Business, here, which raises the intriguing possibility that if McCain got elected, and something happened to him, then Carly Fiorina would be the president of the USA.

She is more important than the King of Spain already, but being Queen of the World would really be a turnip for the book.

In fact, as president of the USA, she would be able to greet the King of Spain, and also curtsy at the court of Queen Elizabeth the II, Her Brittanic Majesty. She will never be Queen of England though, surely? ♥


Varanasi at dawn

THE PIC ABOVE is Varanasi (Benares) at dawn, when everything starts to happen. It’s a detail from this picture, below.



Listed Odeon kinema hosts Zoroastrian centre

RAYNERS LANE is not the brightest spot in suburban north west London, but it is home to one of the Art Deco Odeons which still grace a few British cities.

Sorry, I am going to reminisce a little now. We had an Odeon in Aberdeen and I remember being taken there on my 7th birthday and being astounded by the decor, the furniture and above all by the organist who really did rise up from the depths and play before the main film started.

Here is the Rayners Lane Odeon, which as you can see has now been turned into the Zoroastrian Centre. ♦

BOGGARD When cinemas first started opening, they were called kinemas. Not sure when or why the usage changed. Anyone know?