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The Romans failed to wipe out the kilts

ODD OMISSION. My old mate at the INQ, Nova (Nebosja Novakovic), tells me that in Belgrade in the old days there was a colony of 20,000 Celts.

He says a Roman mission wiped them all out in an act of proto-genocide. I have been to Cologne (Köln) where apparently there was a thriving Keltic culture too at one time.

And at school I learned in my Latin lessons of the wars against the Gauls at really very interminable length.

So how come when the Romans got to Britain, they built “Hadrian’s Wall” to keep the Kelts and the Picts out of England? Is this a case of genetic isolation, just in case the poor bloody Scots invented things like Tarmacadam (MacTarmac) and Television (MacTV), which might be useful in the future for the Roman empirium to build straight, rather than crooked roads?

The Pharoahs in the past Egyptian days had battalions of Celts to fly into battle naked, displaying their bums to the Assyrians.  There probably must have been “Egyptian Single Malt” available then. Scotland, Wales, Galicia, and Ireland preserve the remnants of what must have been a great European and Asian “civilisation”.

All based on whisky, the Gaelic word usquebaugh meaning the “water of life”.  It gets cold in the bogs. Cheers!

The vulture grim, that sick hearts torturing..

GOLLY. The Internet is pretty great, isn’t it?

Chapter XIV of Petronius’ Satyricon  has the following lines:

The vulture grim that, sick hearts torturing,
   Mangles the inmost vitals day and night,
Is not the bird complacent poets sing,
   But bitter jealousy and sore despite.

We can’t help feel this translation from the Latin lacks something.

This is pretty clever

GO HERE and watch it.