Winsome Carly Fiorina “sheds tear” for Iraq

SOB, SOB. According to this Time bog, Carly Fiorina, the winsome one of Hewlett Packard who is more important than the King of Spain, is shedding a little crocodillo tear for les americaine soldat.


She says in an interview with Thyme, that “it takes a soldier to bring us home with victory and honor (sic)”. In her heart, she continues, it needs a soldier, also known as John McCain of the oven chips, to help us primitives understand “the cost of war” and the “price of war”.


Will America be in IRAQ for the next 100 years? Who knows. This is what I think. I find it hard to believe that America and the UK watched Russian kids being killed in Afghanistan and then thought they’d have a try too. What a ludicrous idea. But they did it.


And what has “Tiny Britain” got to do with Iraq? Unless, perhaps,  some mandarins in the Foreign Office remembered Bigglesworth  and Winston Churchill and thought we’ve gassed them once, we can gas them again.


While the USA has to think about global things, “Little Britain” ought just to concentrate on our own problems. Which are legion. Including the Olympic Games, in “2012”. Σ

3 responses to “Winsome Carly Fiorina “sheds tear” for Iraq

  1. Wasn’t too long ago (100 years, perhaps), that the British bristled with pride at the thought of their imperialist empire; “The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire”. Now y’all are questioning if you can run the Olympic Games, much less open an airline terminal. Well, that’s what two world wars will do to ya.

    Should the U.S. be in Iraq? Dunno, there are valid arguments on both sides. Immaterial, as we are there, and the question becomes, should we remain there? I would have thought we’d have learnt our lesson after Vietnam and watching the Soviet Red Army in Afghanistan; don’t get into a war unless you are prepared to do what it takes to win. I think it would be cruel to the average Iraqi if we were to pull out now, after all the savagery they’ve experienced over the decades. Nice to see them be able to live their lives quietly and focus on giving their children a better life.

    I personally know an Iraqi whose son had a major heart defect. In order to get them out of Iraq safely, the U.S. Army had to actually “raid” his house and “capture” him and his son. The Army, in cooperation with people in this area, were able to bring the boy and his father over. The boy received the life-saving cardiac surgery and recooperated sucessfully. They have applied to the U.S. government for permission to stay, and to bring his wife and other children over. Long process, going on three years now. This gentleman is a quiet, respectful, honest, hard-working gent, currently has two jobs: custodian at the hospital where his son was treated, and a mechanic at a local automobile repair shop. I’ve had several discussions with him and feel strongly that this gent, along with a great many other people he knows still in Iraq, are tired of the violence and fighting and wish everyone would just settle down and focus on what’s really important; providing for their families, maybe earning a few luxuries. Not too much to ask, is it? He is definitely a supporter of the U.S. presence in Iraq. I hope he and his family get to settle down here and become citizens. We NEED people like him.

  2. Follow on: We learned a while back that at least one sectarian group in Iraq told this man’s wife that if he or his son came back to Iraq, they would kill them both as an object lesson. Nice people, huh? And there are some that would be okay if these murderous thugs ended up running things over there? Surely, that is a reprehensible attitude, even for a shallow, self-absorbed leftist.

  3. Most of the world is being run by murderous thugs – see what’s going on in China, Myanmar, or England (remember the Brazilian electrician?). There isn’t going to be any lasting peace in this world and it’s almost certain that good governments will be rare. Rich, are you suggesting that it is our moral obligation to expend ourselves in war ensuring that all the governments of the world are good?

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