BA tells me “no Terminal Five for you”

YEAH, I AM HEADED out to Bangalore soon enough, and have booked my fright with the “World’s Finest Airline” – Virgin, BA.


They tell me I can’t go through Terminal Five – hooray! I will have to go through Terminal Four – booh!


“Although we have seen a steady improvement at Terminal 5, we want to be sure that our customers can be confident of high service standards when the terminal is handling larger numbers of passengers. Therefore, the majority of our long haul intercontinental flights will continue to operate from Terminal 4 for the time being.”




They’ve put the change back until June. Booh! I was hoping to sample Gordon Ramsey’s “Plain Effing Food” which has had far from rave reviews.


Instead, it will be TGI Fridays and Pizza Hat in Bangalore, as usual.  Hooray!

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