AMD’s chief technology officer quits

THE CHIEF TECHNOLOGY officer of AMD has thrown in the towel.


Phil Hester quit the job but it’s nothing to do with the round of job cuts at AMD, said representatives of the firm. Yeah, right.


Individual AMD “business” units will have their own CTOs now, a representative said. And Hester helped set that up.


The man worked at Big Blue for 23 years. He is a witty and highly intelligent man. Perhaps the current rather oppressive climate at AMD persuaded him to go, rather than to stay.  He likes a beer. Hester can also do what he likes. Being associated with what’s perceived as a failing company by tabloid rags probably doesn’t help.


Let us also never forget he worked for Newisys, a suspiciously “New Age” kind of company. Hester displaced Fred Weber.   

3 responses to “AMD’s chief technology officer quits

  1. Its sad to see AMD falling apart but I kinda figured it would happen. How much time would you give’em? I’d say less than a year in there *current* form. I just hope Héctor never finds work in this industry again, but of course who would care with his severence package! I wonder what Jerry Sanders thinks of AMD now?

    Oh and to advoid the appearance of bias, I’m typing this on my gray-haired athlon XP 2.4 GHurtz computer with a once-proud AMD logo etched on the side-cover.

  2. AMD could fall in Nvidia’s hands if its stocks drop low enough. Nvidia could canibalize AMD/ATI and make what it plans – its own general purpose processing units (a mix of CPU and Media Processing Unit).

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