Stitched up like Squirrel Nutkins, I was

I SEE RUPERT GOODWINS has written about his experiences in Ole Shanghai, here.

Much, if not most,  of this account is very very true. We did find a restaurant where he had Yellow Croaker with Squirrel Nutlets. I was approached by an old geezer who asked me where I was from. I did reply “Iceland” because this is an excellent way of foxing someone trying to sell you something.

Look what happened when an old geezer went off in front of me in Ole Iceland some years go. I was dumbfounded and left speechless,  too.


Rupert didn’t say what happened, the very next day, after we had visited endless pavilions and rocks in Ole Suzhou. On the way back, on the bus, the very excellent tour guide, who arranged for the sartorially minded to have multiple suits and shirts made for them, promised us we’d be going to the best and oldest restaurant in Ole Shanghai.

This turned out to be the same place Rupert and I dined at the day before. And sure enough, a Yellow Croaker with Squirrel Nutkins turned up on the revolving table.

Outside, Rupert and I surveyed the scene. A beautiful plaque was on the wall, telling us about the magnificence of the Shanghai Old Restaurant with a “total flood area over 10,000 square meters”. This, presumably, is where the Yellow Croakers live, to be fished out at will whenever Rupert and Magee tip up there together. Rupert’s account of Ole Shanghai continues, here.


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