Virgin dumps in flight therapists

RICHARD “VIRGIN” BRANSON has dropped me a line about those white clad lasses who used to offer to soothe the brows of “Upper Class” travellers.

Since Virgin launched “flat beds”, apparently the in flight treatments are not now valued. “Tastes and preferences have changed especially since the introduction of fully flat beds,” Richie tells me.

He tells me: “We have asked all our In Flight Beauty Therapists to take part in ther review and therefore over the next few weeks we may not have therapists on board. I’m really sorry about this and if you are travelling with us I hope it won’t cause too much inconvenience.”

I have recently experienced in the space of two weeks, twice Virgin’s “new” Premium Economy. The leather seats are very hard on your bum for 12 to 13 hours, and I am seriously considering never travelling with Virgin again in any class.

Why can’t we all just be given park benches or hammocks so we can have a pleasant sleep without any of this flim flam? Virgin charging a huge premium to sleep on the equivalent of a park bench is totally outrageous.  The new Premium Economy is not good.

But then, what have passengers got to do with anything, Richie?


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  1. Bastidos Branson: I am still owed one of those Virgins after an Upper Class trip 5 years ago! They ran out of time, so gave me a slip, or gave me the slip it seems now. Every fright on Virgin (pheasant class only) since, I am told they will find out if I can get my Virgin. Same old BS back each time saying that you are now in line so please wait to be given the nod. Zilch BTW.

    FYI: Did u know Bastidos Branson is right wing only? Oh yeah, I was on a fright to SF and he was too but only went down the plane on the right wing side, couldn’t care less about us left wingers, Bloody Bastidos Branson.

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