Daily Archives: April 7, 2008

Grow your shrimps, ants with blue LEDs

AN ARTICLE on nikkei.net drew us inexorably into its web.

The wire reports here (sub required), that E-Revolution is going to jazz up its kits for growing ant nests and colonies of shrimps by using blue LEDs. Apparently, growing shrimps and ants is an indoor pursuit which helps people to relax.

Some people have an aversion to leggy little insects, and others to leggy little crustaceans. But the so-called “Healing LABO series” will reach toy shops in Japan at the end of this month. They will be called “Ants Capital Light” and “Fairy Shrimp Light”.

They be shrimps and ants with added blue crystals, init?  


The March solar winds will blow, but April brings snow

A WHOLE YEAR of solar panels on the top of what used to be INQ Central, and these charts below give you an idea of the output of the 15 Sanyo solar panels on our roof.

The money we got back is slightly less than the £309 on this page below, but on the other hand we’re in credit with the electricity supplier and haven’t paid an electricity bill during all this time.

The amortisation rate is still, as we’ve said in the INQ before, about eight years. In early April we did have snow and I’m not climbing on the roof to sweep it off, so for practically a whole day the blanket of crystals delivered not particularly brilliant solar results, except back to the clear blue sky.

On the other bright side, the pigeons couldn’t poo on our arrayed panels and went skiing instead.


Airlines threaten to break flight seclusion

OH NO!  The EU said today it is going to authorise plane passengers to phone, text or email when they’re 30,000 feet up from the surface of the planet.

The first services will start later this year, and the EU wants the prices of phone calls to be kept low.

But can you imagine the nightmare? The only good thing about long haul frights now is that you have hours and hours without being disturbed by shocking emails and phone calls from Planet Earth.

Apparently, Lufthansa has realised this, and won’t introduce services. Instead, it will re-introduce broadband access, which it stopped in 2006. That way, we guess, you can always say your connection wasn’t working and you couldn’t grab your emails. ♦