BA discovers satire as Terminal Five chaos continues

WE’RE FRYING out of Heathrow tomorrow, via Virgin, so we’re naturally keeping an eye on the continuing chaos at Terminal Five.

We’re astonished to see that British Airways has a vision, and that vision means it will change the way you fly forever – that is to say, avoiding BA, presumably, and the shopping mall which includes such well known high street names as, er, Harrods.

This BA page says that the aim of Terminal Five is to replace the queues, the crowds and the stress with space, light and calm.

“The £4.3 billion building is so light, modern and spacious that it’s hard to believe it’s an airport terminal at all.”

Well, it certainly was hard to believe that yesterday. And today one in five frights have been cancelled.

The page continues that there will be huge improvements in punctuality and baggage, with the state of the art system designed specifically for Terminal 5 using “proven technology”.

What a debacle. And BA wouldn’t or couldn’t even find hotels to put up its jilted passengers who were forced to bed down in the “most luxurious air lounge in the world” last night.

Yes, certainly it is a “new era in air travel”.    ♦

4 responses to “BA discovers satire as Terminal Five chaos continues

  1. Well, Monty Python knew it all back in the late-80s (I think that was): “… I’m so worried about the baggage retrival system they have at Heathrow …”

  2. Hey Mike sorry for the offtopic here but I don’t see “Contact me” button anywhere or I would send you an email.

    I wrote a short article after reading about Creative’s latest blunder on Inquirer:

    Perhaps you could write something on the subject as well in some of your future articles?

  3. They said all the same things when Terminal 4 was opened in 1986.

  4. Mageek: Nice to be able to follow your journey through life and Heathrow Terminal 5. Sounds like a real circle-jerk, as we say over here.

    What company was the subcontractor for the luggage system? If it’s Siemens, I’m not surprised it’s a mess.

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