Apple fanbois have lost grip on reality

LEGIONS OF FANS of products made by Saint Steve Jobs of Cuptertino are still stung into action if anyone disses Apple products, the New York Times reports.

The article quotes a hack who writes for Salon called Fahrad Manjoo. Manjoo is obviously undeterred by Apple fanbois pelting him with the internet equivalent of rotten apples.

He said Apple fanbois don’t care about honest opinion. They are driven by “religious zeal” for their own true love. “They don’t want a review. They want a hagiography.” There used to be a legion of AMD fanbois but their ranks have thinned. We’re not sure we’ve ever come across an Intel fanbois who actually doesn’t work for Intel. ♥

2 responses to “Apple fanbois have lost grip on reality

  1. Rick Stockton

    Whenever an article includes the phrase “religious zeal”, or the phrase “religious fanatics”, it seems to usually be content free. And the author seems to nearly always be an MS-linked-astroturfer.

    But it comes in handy for me: the instant I see it, I know that it’s time to STOP READING and go somewhere else. (BTW, I don’t own any Apple things, but I’m a user of that other non-MS software. (X11; U; Linux i686; Minefield/3.0b5pre – Build ID: 2008032213).

    I say that it’s pretty decent, it’s developed with a bit of integrity, and it gets the job done. THEY say I’m a “religious fanatic”.

  2. Well that’s nothing new really… most companies with a big influence over what’s happening in this industry have fanboys.

    Apple products are really decent, at least most of them(build quality of my macbook makes me wanna sent the design team for a monthly vacation to a prison break like facility) but apart from few redefining products in the past they are nothing astonishing really… Take their laptops for instance; ok they are thin and look kinda nice but your average Dell can get toys that macs only dream of like integrated HSDPA or blu-ray drives… Same thing goes for software, I have used both Premiere Pro and Final Cut and the latter didn’t exactly blow me away…

    Ignore the fanboys since they can’t be changed and try to focus on biased news websites:P

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