Nvidia says Intel is playing “catch up”

INTEL’S LARRABEE is no threat to Nvidia, according to a geezer called Andy Keane, chatting to the Wall Street Journal today.

Keane, who is the general manager of Nvidia’s graphic chip division, told the Journal that Intel is doing “old computing”  and attempting to catch up.

That’s what I like about Nvidia – it’s got some balls. Last week Stephen Smith from Intel told us that his firm will have competing products with AMD and Nvidia next year. The quotes from Keane were buried deep in an article that – surprise, surprise – was featuring the sub-prime market. ♦

2 responses to “Nvidia says Intel is playing “catch up”

  1. The interesting thing about Intel’s catchup is that its very fast at catching up… and generally it doesn’t catchup, but beats the opponent to shit!!

    I wouldn’t be surprise that when Intel comes out with Larabee, it won’t perform better than CUDA or AMD Stream processors or Fusion… but after sometime with Intel’s developer tools and SDK, it’ll beat AMD/Nvidia… and even then if Intel is loosing, an advertising campaign will help it sell enough!!

  2. Once that x86 (in form of Atom and associated SoC) penetrates the mobile and MID market there will be no place for NVIDIA and AMD in there unless they can compete with x86 design.
    Truth is that AMD has trouble competing (can’t match price/performance/watt), and NVIDIA doesn’t have x86 license. Nothing more to see here, move along.

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